About the Officers

Desert Dominion Governing Council

President – BabyHearts_Daddy

Vice President – Angelica_Lynne

Secretary – BigMouthJane

Treasurer -gina_azcd

Education Director – Babyface_Sadist

Membership Directorbreathe_thru_it

Social Director – -Babyheart-


Committee Leads:

Webmaster– slowchess

Head DM – Angelica_Lynne

Logistics – Miss Nan

Space Improvement – Master Seth

Newsletter – Master Seth


Council Job Descriptions

President: Acts as the spokesperson for Desert Dominion. Officiates at Desert Dominion council meetings and arbitrates when necessary. The President oversees the individual council members in the performance of their basic duties. Exercises oversight of the Treasurer and Finances. Responsible for overall conduct of the council. The President will oversee the following committees:

  • Space Improvement Coordinator
  • Logistics
  • Marketing

Vice President: The VP works closely with the President on most issues. The VP steps in for the President whenever the President is unavailable. The VP oversees the Desert Dominion Dungeon Monitor Program. The VP is also responsible for maintaining the working policy manual.

  •  Dungeon Monitor Program
  •  Policy Manual

Secretary: Keeps the records of Desert Dominion Council and the corporate Board of
Directors. Prepares agendas and announcements for General Membership meetings, including
printing. Takes the minutes at monthly council meetings. Insures that Desert Dominion
records that can be public are available to the membership.

Treasurer: Manages the organization’s funds. Keeps accurate and sufficient information
about income and expenses. Manages bank accounts on behalf of desert dominion. Handles
reimbursements for club related expenses. Collects and reconciles money from the safe.
Schedules and heads a financial committee meeting as necessary. Once per year will have
the financial book for Desert Dominion informally audited.

  • Finance Committee

Membership Director: Oversees efforts to increase, orient and protect the privacy of the
membership of Desert Dominion. Maintains the official roster (membership list) of past and
current members.Schedules regular new member orientations. Works closely with the
Education and Social Directors to insure that information about Desert Dominion and its
facilities is available to potential members in the community; outreach.

  •  Programming

Education Director: Establishes and support the organizations broad outreach and
educational program. Schedules regular seminars and talks given by a mixture of internal and
external speakers. Attempts to expand the awareness of Desert dominion members and the
community at large regarding the alternative Lifestyle practices and experiences. Insures
that Desert Dominion educational events are publicized.

  • Education Committee

Social Director: Schedules and arranges the detail of assorted Desert Dominion parties and
events. These include Holiday parties and any theme parties that might be wanted.
Coordinates the barbecues which take place at General Membership meetings. Focuses on
member retention and acts as ambassador, keeping up morale and positive energy.